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Crime: 15 March 2012

Can all NHW members be vigilant; to try and make a push to pass the message around that all suspicious incidents must be reported to the police on the 101 number. Something is suspicious if it draws your attention…’what is that car doing in my road’…’why are those lads walking up and down driveways’ etc etc. Don’t wait – do it then and there ! If in doubt – RING. I have attached the when to call the police handout once again.


A bike was stolen yesterday in Maidenhead. It is quite distinctive – Grant Hing, an RBWM Community Warden asked if I could circulate it – so I have attached a photo, in case you see it.

I am getting suspicious emails from members who are being infected with viruses and worms, which then send emails to everyone in their personal address book. This has just arrived – the worm is clever, it takes names from within the computer, to make it appear more personal – names you recognise. When you have read a couple, they are all virtually the same – with terrible punctuation, grammar and formatting – just ignore anything like them:

I'm writing this with tears in my eyes, XXXXX and i came down Madrid Spain for a short vacation unfortunately i was mugged at the park of the hotel where i stayed,all cash,credit card and cell phone were stolen off me but luckily for me i still have my passport with me. I've been to the embassy and the Police here but they're not helping issues at all and my return flight leaves in few hours from now but am having problems settling the hotel bills and the hotel manager won't let me leave until i settle the bills.

I'm freaked out at the moment.I was wondering if you could please loan me some money pending when we get things straighten out and I promise to refund as soon as we arrive home safely



14/3 Wednesday 9.45 a.m. / 1.30 p.m. Wildlife Park, Cherry Garden Lane. Company sign stolen.



13/3 – 14/3 Tuesday 10 a.m. / Wednesday 7.30 a.m. Penyston Road. Car LEFT INSECURE – searched radio and sunglasses stolen.


14/3 Wednesday 1.35 p.m. Magnet Centre, Holmanleaze. A witness was walking along the road, when he saw 2 men acting in a suspicious manner. He watched them as they slipped into the area of the substation. They emerged carrying lead. The witness then went to have a look and found the lead covering from the power box was missing – a 3 metre strip. He phoned the police who attended immediately and carried out an area search for the 2 men. They were not located but are described as:
1.white, 20 / 25, goatee beard, dark jeans, grey puffa jacket / hoody. 2. white, 20 / 25, shaved head wearing a grey puffa jacket / hoody. Both spoke in a foreign language. The RBWM Community Wardens later searched the area and located various lumps of lead in Kennet Road. Can everyone keep their eyes open when walking around for discarded items ? Sometimes a thief will bundle up stolen items and hide them in a hedge - behind a power sub box, to collect later, in case the police are carrying out an area search and they are identified. They do not want stolen items on their person !
14/3 Wednesday High Street. Bike chained to railings stolen



Hi Jeff - this is what I have circulated to my members.

Many of the community messaging emails refer to various email and telephone scams. Here are some tips to help identify telephone numbers.

There are a few scams about which will tell you to call a number – for example to collect a prize, or to check on a delivery. In the scams these are premium rate numbers and you could be held on the line for a considerable time. Some people have been charged around £80 for a single phonecall by being kept on the line for about 50 minutes.

There is a way you can check these out before calling. On the following website you can check the number to see who the company is and if there are any complaints.

The scammers also operate by sending texts to your mobile phone to try and get you to reply or call a number. In this case (or if you don’t have access to the internet) you can text the number to phonepayplus at 76787 and they will text you back with the information about the number. This text should only cost your standard network rate (which is free on a lot of packages as inclusive). You can read about this service here:-

Many legitimate companies use premium rate numbers as their contact numbers – especially for after sales service such as customer services and complaints. This means that you have to pay to get problems resolved and again can be held on the line for some time. These numbers tend to begin with 0870 or 0871 etc. These types of numbers are often not included in your ‘free minutes package’ with your telephone service provider. Each of these numbers will be directed to a normal landline or mobile and you can find out that number on this website:-

You can search for either the company name, or enter the premium rate number and it will give you the normal landline or mobile number that you can then dial directly. By doing this you can avoid paying extra.


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