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Crime: 23 April 2012

A date for your diary at the end of this message and some good advice, about people at the door.


The purpose of these messages has many applications.  The main one is to make you aware of what is currently happening crime wise across the Borough, so that you can, by raising your awareness, reduce your chances of becoming a victim of crime.  They are also purposefully repetitious.  As you see, people are still not locking houses, garages or cars.  As a result they fall victim to crime.  It can happen to any of us, with a moment’s inattention.  I hope that by continually reading the experiences of others, those moments of inattention reduce.  I often hear – I only want to know what is happening in my road.  That would be fine, if the criminal element of our community, only committed crime within the boundaries of one area.  Unfortunately they don’t and they do travel from one area, to another.  In one night, they may well travel from Reading , through our rural areas, across Maidenhead and then to Windsor and Ascot .  Read your area carefully, but glance at the areas around you and take note – that could be your area tomorrow.  If you don’t feel there is anything relevant in the message – bin it.  The more we are aware, the less chance we stand, of being a victim of crime !




20/4 – 21/4  Friday 7 p.m. / Saturday 6 a.m.  Maidenhead Road.  Garage break.  Up and over garage door forced – mower and pressure washer stolen.

23/4  Monday 1.25 a.m.   Farm, Halls Lane , Waltham St Lawrence.  Gate rammed open and witnesses saw a 4 X 4 driving around a field, causing damage.



21/4  Saturday  5.40 p.m.   Bath Road .  A lad in his 20’s was seen to throw something off of a bridge over the road near Sainsbury’s cracking the windscreen of a car.

20/4 – 21/4  Friday  6 p.m. / Saturday 10 a.m.   Grenfell Park , Grenfell Road .  Car passenger window smashed.  Stereo fascia and loose change, stolen.  The cowling was also damaged, possibly in an attempt to steal the car.

20/4 – 21/4  Friday  7 p.m. / Saturday 9.30 a.m.   Lancastria Mews, Boyndon Road .  Index plates stolen from a car.

21/4  Saturday 1.30 a.m. / 9 a.m.   Badminton Road.  Garage entered.  The keys to the main house were removed from a fridge in the garage.  A purse was stolen from the kitchen.  It was discarded nearby – minus the contents.

20/4 – 21/4  Friday  5 p.m. / Saturday 7.40 a.m.   Wootton Way .  Shed break – lock forced – bike stolen.

21/4 – 22/4  Saturday 7.30 p.m. / Sunday 8 a.m.   Farm, Ockwells Road .  Wheel barrow stolen and used to steal horse blankets, 3 rugs, hay and a hay net.




20/4 – 21/4  Friday   noon / Saturday 10 a.m.   Lynton Green.  Garage break.  The bottom right hand corner of the door was bent upwards sufficiently for a small person to slip inside – nothing stolen.

20/4 – 21/4  Friday 4 p.m. / Saturday 11 a.m.   Ray Mead Road .  Car tyre vandalised.







22/4 – 23/4  Sunday 7.30 p.m. / Monday 6.30 a.m.   Rushington Avenue .  2 cars keyed.

21/4 – 23/4  Saturday 9.30 a.m. / Monday 6.45 a.m.   Upper Bray Road .  Company compound entered.  Large empty Steel fuel tank stolen




20/4 – 21/4  Friday 11.30 p.m. / Saturday 6 a.m.   Wavell Road .  Burglary via INSECURE rear patio door – mobile, handbag + contents stolen.  Some items recovered discarded in Muddy Lane .

19/4 – 20/4  Thursday 6 p.m. / Friday  6.30 a.m.   Alwyn Road .  Car entered via driver’s door – SAT NAV stolen from the GLOVEBOX.



Hello Jeff,


I thought I would just forward the information I have on the ‘Home Sweet Home’ older person’s Information forum at All Saints Church on Friday 27th April. It’s being run by Home Instead senior care and is from 11am to 2pm .

There will be representatives from different Organisations such as Age Concern, Alzheimer’s Dementia support, Citizen’s advice bureau, outreach carers support amongst others to give advice on relevant services available to the elderly in the Windsor area. The person organising the event is Carolyn Malet de Carteret (07788581324).


Kind Regards


Jamie White

Community Warden

Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead

Town Hall

St Ives Road



Tel: 01628 685636







Earlier today I was visiting an elderly friend as a routine check on her.


She told me that shortly after an earlier visit from me on Tuesday, a man rang her bell and asked her to confirm her name and whether she was a member of the blind society - which she is, because she is registered blind.  He said he would like to come in and talk about the society with her.  The door, fortunately, was locked. She asked his name, which he did not give, and asked if he knew the names of anyone at the Society, but he said he had forgotten. Being blind, she could only make out a silhouette outside, but from the voice, she thought he might be late twenties/early thirties. (She is actually quite deaf.)


She has advised the society of the incident and they were unaware who the caller might have been, as they had not sent anyone.


Hopefully this can reinforce all the warnings that the elderly receive and it would be interesting to hear if you have heard of any similar occurrences.


Full marks for all that you and your colleagues do in the area.



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