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Crime: 4 May 2012


First a note from Trading Standards:


Hi Jeff


A timely reminder if you can please:


Trading Standards are continuing to receive reports from victims of the ‘Microsoft Support’ scam in the area.  This week an RBWM resident has been defrauded of nearly £50 by the scam.  More worryingly, they took over control of his computer and started copying files, before his suspicion was aroused and he pulled the plug.  It is very professionally rehearsed and caught our (normally very circumspect) person off-guard, as he had been having problems with his computer and telephoned a Microsoft (windows) helpline a few days previously.  By pure chance, this cold-call came in from the scammers pretending to be affiliated to ‘Windows’.  They may use fictitious business names such as ‘support guys’.


Trading Standards advice is not to trust anyone that calls out of the blue and tries to get information about your computer, asks to access to your computer remotely, wants payment over the phone, asks for credit card details, bank details or any other personal information.  If you get one of these calls take down the caller’s information and let Trading Standards know.


Contact Trading Standards on 01628 683672 or email


Rob Abell []


As you know – I have been banging on and on about this ‘Windows’ Scam – Don’t let it be you – or anyone you know !







3/5  Thursday 7.10 p.m. / 9.45 p.m.   Westmoreland Road .  Burglary.  Rear metal garden gate lifted from it’s hinges – initially unsuccessful attempt to force rear patio doors.  Kitchen side door forced and a safe stolen from the dining room.  The police officers that attended remembered a report from a member of the public that noises of men hitting something metal, had been received from the vicinity of the cricket club.  They investigated and found the remains of the safe.  The Jigsaw principal – that member of the public, did not know that what they had heard was connected to a crime.  I hope we would all do the same.  The noise was suspicious and they reported it – well done that person.

2/5 – 3/5  Wednesday 6 p.m. / Thursday 8.30 a.m.   Grenfell Road X 2.  Car ENTERED BY UNKNOWN MEANS SAT NAV stolen from ……….THE GLOVE BOX.  Second car also ENTERED BY UNKNOWN MEANS – SAT NAV stolen from the CENTRE CONSOLE.  The alarm sounded, but nothing was seen

27/4 – 2/5  Lancastria Mews, Boyndon Road .  Index plates stolen.




29/4 – 3/5  Sunday 5 p.m. / Thursday 5 p.m.   Elton Drive X 2.  Owner of a house found tool marks around the window frames – no entry gained.  A car nearby was searched – nothing stolen.

3/5  Thursday 4.25 a.m.   Challow Court , Harrow Lane .  Burglary using the letterbox method – handbag and laptop stolen.

3/5  Thursday  2.45 a.m.   Castle Drive .  Owner awaken by a noise in the night.  They looked out and saw a man running down their drive.  He mounted a bike and rode off down St. Mark’s Road.  There had been an attempt to steal lead from around the window.  If something like this happens – even if you do not know if a crime has occurred – phone the police immediately using 999 in these circumstances.  There are always policemen and cars out on patrol who can react very quickly by carrying out an Area Search to locate the person and have a word with them.  Please do not wait until the morning.  IF IN DOUBT – CALL 101 !

3/5 – 4/5  Thursday 6.30 p.m. / Friday 3.50 a.m.   Ray Mill Road West .  Burglary.  Front Door forced – visible jemmy marks – not yet known if anything stolen.

2/5 – 3/5  Wednesday 11 p.m. / Thursday 7 a.m.   Osney Road .  Burglary.  Front door forced – laptop, handbag and contents stolen.  The handbag has been found abandoned and handed into the police station.







2/5 – 3/5  Wednesday 5 p.m. / Thursday 8 a.m.   Norreys Drive X 2.  Business building entered – tools stolen.  2nd business entered via forced front door – drums of cable stolen along with a laptop from an office.  The laptop was secured with a cable, which had been cut with bolt croppers.

3/5  Thursday midnight / 6 a.m.   Larchfield Road .  Attempted shed break – padlock cut off and doors damaged – nothing stolen.




1/5 – 3/5  Tuesday 7 p.m. / Thursday 7 p.m.   Mossy Vale.  Rear garden gate tampered with – INSECURE shed entered – bike stolen.

2/5 – 3/5  Wednesday 6.30 p.m. / Thursday 6.30 p.m.   Whurley Way X 2.  Attempted Burglary.  Attempt to force lock on rear door – No entry gained.  This is possible !  Everyone says – if they really want to, they will get in !  As you can now see – that is not true.  2 good visible, freshly polished, locks on a door – one a third of the way down, the other a third of the way up, will prevent it being forced or shouldered and will do the trick.  One visible lock, can make your door a target.  House nearby – Front door forced – IPOD, mobile, cash and keys stolen.

2/5 – 3/5  Wednesday 7 p.m. / Thursday 7 a.m.   Sylvester Road .  Rear garden entered – tools left out beside the back door stolen.

3/5  Thursday 5.15 a.m. / 5.33 a.m.   Lincoln Road .  Car set on fire.

1/5 – 2/5  Tuesday 5 p.m. / Wednesday 7 a.m.  Quarry, Furze Platt Road .  Gates forced open.  Part of a rolling road for a digger stolen along with scrap metal.



I have had this sad news from Nicola, regarding her lost Weimarana:




Just to let you know that sadly network rail discovered Grace’s body this afternoon on the track, we have buried her in the garden.


If you do send out an update, please pass on my thanks to everyone who helped to try and find her.




Re the stolen heating oil I reported last week:

Hi Jeff,


This was a false alarm, the householder’s builder emptied the tank to move it and did not tell them until Monday??


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