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Crime: 10 May 2012

I have attached a briefing document for the large Armed Forces Muster Parade which is taking place in Windsor Town Centre on Saturday Morning the 19th May, to celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.  It is going to be quite an event, with a fly past, which will also be broadcast on the BBC !


In case you do not have the link to your ‘Neighbourhood Page’ on the Thames Valley Police Website.  I have included the link under the Neighbourhood email address.

On the page, you will find photos of all your policing team, your three Neighbourhood Priorities and the dates of any, surgeries / meetings etc.  It is a useful page to visit now and again.




9/5 – 10/5  Wednesday 8.30 p.m. – Thursday 5.30 a.m.   Marlow by Pass.  The driver of a lorry was asleep in his cab.. someone has slashed the sides and stolen alcohol.

9/5  Wednesday Sutton Road , Cookham.  Walk in theft.  Someone walked into an office and removed a wallet from a desk.

8/5 – 9/5  Tuesday  5 p.m. / Wednesday 10 a.m.   Lower Road, Cookham Rise.  Index plates stolen.

8/5  Tuesday 7.25 a.m. / 6.25 p.m.   Little Green, White Waltham .  Index plates stolen from a car.

6/5 – 8/5  Sunday / Tuesday Church , Church Hill, White Waltham .  Main doors forced – not known if anything stolen.



10/5  Thursday 1.50 a.m.   Welbeck Road .  The owner of a car heard its door slam and went to investigate.  They looked out and saw a man walking away from her car and trying other car door handles.  The car had been LEFT INSECURE but nothing was stolen, but this is the second time this has happened.  They did not report it last time.

9/5  Wednesday 8.45 a.m. / 12.20 p.m.   Boyn Hill Road .  Burglary reported by a neighbour.  The rear door had been forced and IPOD and cash had been stolen.

8/5  Tuesday 8 a.m. / 6.15 p.m.   Altwood Road X 2.  Burglary – via forced rear kitchen window.  The glazier reports other windows have also been damaged in an attempt to get in.  IPOD, mobile, games console, laptops X 2 aftershave / perfumes X 4, jewellery, watch, camera and a complete set of the Bank pigs stolen.  Burglary of a house nearby, possible letterbox entry – not yet known if anything stolen.

7/5 – 8/5  Monday 6 p.m. / Tuesday 8.30 a.m.   Grenfell Road .  Bike secured to a drainpipe stolen.

8/5  Tuesday 4.15 p.m.   Ockwells Road .  Car door lock forced – IPOD, SAT NAV STOLEN FROM THE GLOVEBOX.

7/5 – 8/5  Monday 2 p.m. . / Wednesday 8.15 a.m.   St Chads Road .  Car driver’s door lock forced – stereo stolen.

7/5 – 8/5  Monday 9 p.m. / Tuesday 7.45 a.m.   Northumbria Road .  Car driver’s door damaged – no entry gained.




9/5 – 10/5  Wednesday 7.30 p.m. / Thursday 3 a.m.   Blackamoor Lane.  Index plates stolen from 2 cars.

7/5 – 8/5  Monday 6 p.m. / Tuesday 4 p.m.   Cookham Road .  Scooter stolen from outside a house.  It was later found dumped in a river near Aldebury Road .







9/5  Wednesday 0.56 a.m.   Brunel Road .  2 men caught by the owner’s cctv on a building site.  The police attended immediately and 2 men were arrested.

8/5 – 9/5  Tuesday 4.50 p.m. / Wednesday 5.30 p.m.   Nature reserve, Hibbert Road.  Car door forced and window smashed as a result – sports clothing stolen.




9/5 – 10/5  Wednesday 10.30 p.m. / Thursday 0.30 a.m.   Sylvester road.  Car driver’s window smashed – laptop and IPOD left untouched in the car.  Was the offender disturbed ?

9/5  Wednesday 6.15 p.m.   Headington Road .  A witness reported to lads attempting to jemmy up the bonnet of a car.  When seen, they immediately made off towards Pinkney’s Green.  One about 5’8’’, the other 6’.  One had a blue beanie hat, the other had a shaved head and track suit bottoms.

8/5 – 9/5  Tuesday 10 p.m. / Wednesday 8 a.m.   Ostler Gate.  Burglary via fire exit. Keys X 2 plus a white audi A3 TechnikMPI index BD 09 XTW and a grey BMW 6 Series 35D auto index EY 59 ZFU stolen.  Are these cars parked up quietly somewhere nearby while they avoid local ANPR cameras and to see if Tracker systems are fitted ?



I have had this in on behalf of the Spencer Gallery in Cookham:

Hi Jeff


I know you mentioned the Stanley Spencer painting that was stolen from the Spencer Gallery in Cookham at around 1am on Sunday 29th April, the trustees are worried that the thief might try and dump it somewhere, in a dustbin or behind a hedge, as actually selling it on, will be difficult, as it is a unique piece. The Chairman was wondering if people could be asked to check around for it. The painting had been taken out of its frame, so it is just the canvas. He has written some information at




Next Share scam !

Hi Jeff

I have just had a phone call (International) telling me that some obscure shares (Eckoh) I have, currently worth about 10p each are about to be bought/merged and offering me £10-£12 a share. They presumably got my name from the share register, but got the number of shares I have wrong. I assume it must be a scam, but not sure why.



Be on your guard – never divulge any personal information over the phone if anyone cold calls you.  Please don’t even acknowledge the information they have got.


THE EUROMILLIONS SCAMS ARE BACK !  As if we didn’t need more !

Hi Jeff

I have had a letter sent from Spain headed 'Re: Award Final Notification', saying that my name was entered as an alternative number in Euromillion 12 and I have won the lottery in the 2nd category - nearly £1.8 million and I must phone an overseas telephone number provided, to make a claim - which of course I am not going to do.


Windsor Resident.


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