Richard James did it MY WAY!
More singing NOW!
Gail and Michael discuss poetry in the midst of nonsense!
Is this the way to Amarillo?
Lets do the Time Warp again - Ryan?!
It's the last hour and we still haven't worked out how to get the Cd player to work!
Lovely Lady Liz gets in the groove!
Aren't they gorgeous ... Johnny and Liz ......
Kevin starts to unplug mics already! Hang on we haven't finished yet!
Is there room in the studio for so much fun? And has the photographer had one too many?
Which mic do you want to sing into then?
Roger and Dave give us bass and lead guitar!
MJ hopes for a glimpse of the star!
Hello Mum ... Listen Doo doo be doo, dooo be doo!
we're all going on a summer holiday!
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