Matt did the other two CSFM's and it woudln't be the same without you!!
Terry and Lynda both in uniform ..!
Andy - ready to talk! Although it seems here reluctantly!!!
Keith talks cricket and rugby for the sports show
There's no-one liek Ian Runcie to hold it all together!
John - the nice smile in Cookham Rise!
Vince or Derek - we've no idea which is which!
John from the Peking Inn brings us a Chinese delight for heavy lunch!
and everyone wants a bit!
The Professor tells us all about weddings he's been to this week, especially the Miall one!
Vince or Derek is appalled to find to find there are no pictures on his script!
the heavy lunch team - HEAVY!
Dame Doodah takes over to read the news - news .. what news!
No Mallett can keep their mouth shut when there's a Mic about!
At home behind the Mic ... Timmy enjoying his broadcast as did we!
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