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The following pages contain information about companies' final salary schemes that are believed to have changed or closed.  Some have been due to the liquidation of the company itself and some due to takeovers and others due to a particular company just deciding to close down the scheme. Due to the number of organisations changing the rules of their schemes some of these have also been included, although the scheme may still be in operation. 

Due to the large amount of data for the companies listed, they have been split into several pages, just click on the appropriate letter to go to a particular company. Under the heading Windup, this is the date that wind up of the pension scheme is thought to have commenced.

Schemes that have applied to the government's Financial Assistance Scheme should be marked with an asterisk. To see see the firms that have applied Click here. Any firms that are members of the Pension Protection Fund are marked to that effect.

If you have any updates or corrections to the listings please let the Webmaster (Click here) know.  Also any suggestions as to improving the listings would be greatly appreciated. 

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The information on this website has been supplied by members of the various final salary schemes listed and others.  Accuracy is important to us, but errors are inevitable as the subject itself is an extremely emotive one so the information on this site cannot be guaranteed. We hope that we have reflected the current situation in as an unbiased way as possible.

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