Derek and Vince Sundays at 1pm with their anarchic sense of fun!
Josh Dorrington and Theo Smith are happy little broadcasters!
Nick Flower of Bambook Resourcing makes ad with Timmy Mallett
Gail Dorrington has set up her own mini CSFM studio at home!
Lynda M tries out the CSFM bus. it will be used as a green room !!!
That's a big baguette Lynda M, quality matters at countrystore!
Chic hair design in Marlow, voice their ad!
The Trinders help set up the Odney Club with carpet!
Charles Benson in the quiz team celebrate
The CSFM has very kindly been loadned by Marilyn Rothwell
making ads for csfm image making ads for csfm image
Anne Smith and son Theo voice the Stationery depot ad
The vicar and Timmy Mallett working of the church ad
Exterior of the Odney Club recording studio on Thames
Simon Langley station maanger, Richard Wheeler and Timmy
Charles Benson and BT sort out the phone lines ....!
making ads for csfm image making ads for csfm image Simon Langlet and Richard and Timmy at station
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