Setup of CSFM - Banner
When it was still the waiting room! Hiding in the corner avoiding work!
Here is the equipemnt that makes it all possible!
Webmaster not looking her best putting computer network in!
No Charles Benson hanging out his laundry err, English flags on the aerial, which he skillfully built!
Richard Wheeler, Martin Waller and Timmy Mallett Mic check
Got your car sticker????
Lynda seems to have taken quite a shine to the new sign at the station
Salsa Sue and one rather unsure participant .... 123 adn 123 and
Holy Trinity can be heard speaking in foreign tongues
CSFM's Mohini Davis with an outside broadcast
The Happy Tappers can be heard tapping - Saturday 17th at 1.45pm
The Studio Managers ....
..... GET PREPARED !!!
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