Chris Rossdale records his gap year adventures - The man in Japan!
The members of Holy Trinity get very excited at seeing their name in print!
Anne Smith and Bridget Allerton do a Firey House and Garden show
Anne Smith is in fine voice for Day 1 CSFM
Kevin Pickett the stunningly good looking studio engineer!
Dave from Oven Clean and Local Cookham Fireman
Bridget Allerton on air!
Pat Middleton reads the Cookham 'what's on' diary
Reading the morning story!
Bonjour Judy Trinder, come on wake-up .....
Cookham Twinners tell their story! Look lovely Judy's woken up ...
An unsuspecting commuter dragged in to explain himself!
Move over Sugarbabes and bring on our Cookham chicks! No competition! Gorgeous ....
Stop tmucking about and take this serioulsy Graeme Slocombe
Sorry which Mic ....
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