Billy Mallett and Claire Forbes take over the studio!
Push the button ... something will happen ... but what ..
The Borlase year 9's are impressed!
Joe in a show - day 1
Rij is a cool broadcaster !
Why am I dancing like my dad?
Happening Henry star of School's out ... what a dude!
The lovely John Hazel
Ken Banks and Jean Johnson
Barbara Wilsher - Does my hair look good enough for radio?
James Walker reschedules going to Furze Platt to listen longer ...
Sammy and Timmy .. what are we listening to ...!
Irene Killingback does a moving reflections ...
Patrick O'Rourke is amazed that he gets free entertainment with his ticket!
Mark Ashworth still on a borrowed post office bike as his has been stolen ... JUST RETURN IT .....
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