James Walker - this is your life!
Henry - St.George and for England ... oh on behalf of CSFM
So you want to be in the Sugarbabes Adelle?
England all the way!
The way I'd run the country is ...
Cameron lives and breathes on the Radio!
Annand and Clive won breakfst - they've come to collect!
Vanessa Wooley - co host on Saturday Brekkie!
Chris Ancliffe doesn't need to read the news it's on his shirt!
Help those headphones will mess up my hair!
Georgie holds her ear on!
Arty or has everyone gone home!
Bionic Alan Day after cycling 50 miles over night
It's the scout fair on the moor today!
Timmy, Alan and Kieth can still laugh even with bicycle bum!
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