The station at the station!
Nice tie!
Have you taken it yet?
I'm too sexy for my headset... too sexy for my mic!
'The Sun only shines on Exams' says Benno
Susie & Richard intent ona good show for Thursday Brekkie ... aaah
The Mallett's keeping the energy going at Thurs Brekkie ... brill!
Michael Johns the only man on earth to make 'Pussy Litter' sound sexy ... I think I fell in love today!
The gorgeous and dedicated Sam Mitchell with Elaine
Thursday's studio Manager, thanks Kathleen ....
Boys that is not what the internet is there for now get on with the show!
The breakfast team in full swing!
Lynda, keeps it all together she is a star ....
Timmy and Georgie enjoy a tight squeeze ..'what's that lynda?'
Benno observing the weather!
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